Senco Brands

Branded Power Fastener Tools and Systems

Rebuilding And Realizing Value In A Distressed Market Leader

“Senco is an iconic brand, particularly in the professional trades. We were proud to work with management to restore its legacy.”

– Frank Hayes, Managing Partner, Wynnchurch

Senco Brands is well known in the pro trades and industrial marketplace as a leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of branded power tools for fasteners, including pneumatic and battery-powered staplers, nailers and screw drivers, along with the consumables—collated staples, nails and screws—used with the tools. In addition to the pro trades and industrial channels, Senco sells its products to retail and international markets. The company’s main two brands—SENCO and TyRex—are market leaders.

Hindered By Costs and Economic Challenges

Despite its strong brands and positive reputation in the marketplace, Senco was severely challenged by high legacy costs from its former owner. And when the downturn in residential housing and the overall economy hit in 2008, the company was in trouble.

In May of 2009, Senco filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company’s investment banker selected Wynnchurch as a stalking horse bidder in a limited sale process.

Seeing Through The Problems

At Wynnchurch, we saw a business with strengths to build upon—a company with an entrenched market position and a loyal customer base as a result of a 50-plus-year operating history, established distribution channels, and a comprehensive portfolio of highly regarded brands known for performance, quality and durability.

We believed that with a realigned cost structure, focused new product innovation and clearer go-to-market strategies, the company would be positioned to capitalize on a recovery in the housing market and deliver improved EBITDA margins. We purchased Senco’s assets in July of 2009.

Strengthening The Business, Driving Growth

The Wynnchurch team moved immediately to augment the management team and enhance resources in finance, sales, marketing and new product development. Senco accelerated top-line growth and enhanced margins through a series of rigorous strategies focused on capturing additional market share, new product development, internal cost controls and metrics-driven management.

In addition, with our support, Senco expanded its presence in Europe and emerging markets with an aggressive sales and marketing plan and heightened brand awareness strategy. A number of strategic add-on acquisitions extended the company’s existing lines of business or provided entries into new market verticals.

Wynnchurch sold Senco to Kyocera Corporation (NYSE:KYO) in August of 2017.