NSC Minerals

Rock Salt for Highway De-Icing and Industrial Use


Expertise And Resources To Help Management Expand In The U.S.

“NSC exemplifies what we look for in opportunistic investments: an exceptional management team running a unique, differentiated business.”

– Frank Hayes, Managing Partner, Wynnchurch

Saskatoon-based NSC Minerals Ltd is a leading producer and distributor of rock salt for highway de-icing and industrial uses. NSC holds a dominant market position in Western Canada and North Central United States.

A reliable supply of rock salt is a critical public safety need in upper regions of North America to keep the roads free of ice and snow during the winter months. There are no cost-effective substitutes and the cost of rock salt does not materially affect demand due to its importance to public safety and commercial transportation.

Strong Team Looking For A Growth Partner

NSC was led by a visionary founder and strong, experienced management team. They were looking for an investor with more than capital—they sought an investment partner with cross-border experience to help the company expand its business in the United States. 

Wynnchurch acquired a majority interest in NSC in December of 2011. Our Canadian heritage, U.S. presence and knowledge of the industry were key factors in Wynnchurch being selected as the buyer.

Successful Expansion And Exit

With Wynnchurch support and management’s leadership, NSC was able to grow through strategic investments to expand capacity, improve throughput and extend its geographic reach while continuing to improve upon its best-in-class customer service. Wynnchurch announced the sale of NSC Minerals to a strategic investor in October, 2013.