Engineered Non-Woven Fabrics

Foss Manufacturing Company

Partnering with a specialty fiber leader
with a strong growth trajectory

Foss Manufacturing Company, LLC (Foss) is a leading manufacturer of specialty engineered fibers. Headquartered in Rome, GA, Foss has developed innovative non-woven, environmentally friendly and anti-microbial fiber solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications, including commercial, residential, municipal/civil, craft/hobby, marine and medical. Foss was on a strong growth trajectory and sought to partner with an operationally focused investor to support its long-term growth plan.


Wynnchurch invested growth capital in December 2012.


Foss presented a unique opportunity to invest in a market leader in the non-woven fiber industry with a strong management team driving growth.


Wynnchurch is working with management to support the successful implementation of Foss’ strategic growth plan. The team will continue to pursue both organic and M&A‑driven growth in existing and new markets.