Foam Fabrication

Foam Holdings, Inc.

Solutions provider for customers of 
foam fabricated products

Foam Holdings is a manufacturer and distributor of custom EPS, EPP and ARCEL foam products. The company serves packaging, appliance, building products, cold chain, automotive, consumer and other general industrial end-markets.


Wynnchurch acquired Drew Foam in November 2020, Huntington Solutions in December 2020, and Insulation Corporation of America in December of 2020.


Foam Holdings represents an opportunity for Wynnchurch to create a market leader in the foam fabrication industry through its extensive manufacturing capabilities, best-in-class customer service, and expansive geographic reach.


Wynnchurch is providing resources to increase penetration in high growth end markets such as cold chain and consumer packaging while pursuing strategic add-ons.

The Company is actively seeking acquisition targets to further expand Foam Holding’s capabilities, product offering, and footprint.