Mission-Critical Process Solutions

Critical Process Systems Group


Improving efficiency and pursuing growth initiatives
for a differentiated provider of process solutions

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Critical Process Systems Group (CPS) is a leading provider of mission-critical process solutions for highly demanding industries and applications, including the semiconductor, biopharmaceutical and wastewater markets.

CPS provides a broad range of products and services that include corrosive fume exhaust ducts and air flow control devices, high purity process utility modules, processing equipment, and liquid, chemical and gas storage, blending, and delivery control products. The company also offers process and mechanical engineering and project management services.


Wynnchurch invested in Critical Process Systems Group in June 2018.


CPS represented an opportunity to acquire a global market leader with a differentiated offering of products and services utilized in mission critical applications.


Wynnchurch is partnering with management to pursue growth strategies across the company’s core semiconductor, life science and wastewater end markets while investing in operational initiatives to improve productivity and profitability. Wynnchurch plans to pursue additional acquisitions to strengthen CPS’s current market position and expand into adjacencies.