Polymeric Sand

Alliance Designer Products


Partnering with Management to grow the market leader 
in polymeric sand manufacturing

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Mirabel, Québec, Alliance Designer Products, Inc. (“Alliance”) is the leading manufacturer of polymeric sand and supporting installation and maintenance products used in hardscaping for residential and commercial applications. The Company’s flagship product line, G2 polymeric sand, greatly reduces required maintenance on hardscaping projects and provides a strong defense against insects, weeds, and erosion. The Company currently serves the U.S., Canadian and European markets and is backed by a world-class customer and technical service team.


Wynnchurch invested in Alliance in April 2019.


Alliance represented an opportunity to acquire a leading manufacturer in a niche and growing market with unparalleled product performance and customer service.


Wynnchurch is working with management to support geographic expansion in the U.S. and Europe and increase dealer, contractor and homeowner awareness of the benefits of polymeric sand.