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US Manufacturing Corporation

US Manufacturing Corporation

Axle housings, driveline shafts and other components for automotive market

Deal Team

Ian M. Kirson


U.S. Manufacturing Corporation ("USM") is a leading manufacturer of axle housings, driveline shafts and other components for the North American automotive market.  Its products are used in light, medium and heavy-duty truck, SUV and commercial van platforms and sold to Tier I and OEM customers. USM has developed a proprietary VARI-LITE® extrusion process, which allows for the design of variable wall thickness components with reduced mass and improved performance.


The Company’s non-active shareholders were seeking liquidity and management wanted a financial partner that could help execute on its strategic growth plan. Wynnchurch acquired USM in June 2014.


USM represents a unique opportunity to leverage the Company’s long term customer relationships and proprietary technology while continuing to drive operational improvement across its North American operations.


Wynnchurch and management are working to invest in new products and end markets that can benefit from USM’s unique technology and engineering expertise; while also implementing lean and continuous improvement initiatives to improve operations and customer satisfaction.

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