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Stampede Meat, Inc.

Stampede Meat, Inc.

Manufacturer of high quality & branded beef and other protein products

Deal Team

John Hatherly

Neel Mayenkar


Stampede Meat, Inc. (“Stampede”) is a leading protein solutions company, specializing in providing portioned, marinated and cooked beef, chicken, and other protein products for restaurants, retail, home delivery and other channels.


Wynnchurch invested in Stampede alongside management and employees in June 2017.


Stampede constituait une occasion permettant à Wynnchurch d’appuyer une équipe de gestion robuste pour l’exécution d’une stratégie définie axée sur la prestation d’un service à la clientèle exemplaire et le renforcement des solutions de produits cuits à valeur ajoutée de l’entreprise.


Stampede represented an opportunity for Wynnchurch to support a strong management team to execute a refined strategy focused on delivering best-in-class customer service and increasing the Company’s value-added cooked solutions.

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