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Pro-Fab Group Inc.

Pro-Fab Group Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of high-quality modular homes in eastern Canada and the northeastern U.S.

Deal Team

Frank G. Hayes

Morty J. White


Pro-Fab Group Inc. ("Pro-Fab") is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality modular homes in eastern Canada and the northeastern U.S. The Company has built a strong reputation and brand over the last 20 years and a leading market share in the modular home market in Quebec. Pro-Fab offers over 200 models and is fully-integrated with a complete range of sales, design, manufacturing and construction capabilities. The Company has a “direct distribution” model, selling directly to customers through its sales sites. Pro-Fab has strong brand recognition for superior quality and service.


Pro-Fab’s non-active shareholders were seeking liquidity and management wanted a financial partner that could not only provide growth capital, but also help execute on its strategic growth plan. Wynnchurch partnered with the management team to acquire Pro-Fab.


Pro-Fab represents an attractive opportunity to invest in a market leader with an innovative business model and to create a strong platform for a national, fully-integrated manufacturer of high-quality modular homes. The Company’s modular homes offer a strong value proposition with faster lead times and superior quality and will allow Pro-Fab to capitalize on the expected improvement in the housing market over the next several years.


Wynnchurch and the Pro-Fab management will build upon the Company’s strong track record by (i) pursuing organic growth initiatives to capture market share in existing geographies, (ii) seeking add-on investments in new geographies (e.g. Ontario, Alberta, The Maritimes and the northeastern U.S.) and (iii) growing the Company’s “direct distribution” business model.

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