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Gypsum Technologies

Gypsum Technologies

Design, construction and commissioning of wallboard equipment and services

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Frank Hayes

Morty White

Neel Mayenkar


Since its incorporation in 1993, Gypsum Technologies (“Gyptech”) has become a global leader in the design, construction, and commissioning of wallboard equipment and services. Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Gyptech provides complete turn-key solutions for automated gypsum board plants that convert raw gypsum into high quality finished wallboard. Gyptech has developed a team of highly experienced technical professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction. The Company's team of management, engineers, designers, operations and maintenance personnel is unmatched in the industry and provides superior customer satisfaction by delivering state-of-the-art wallboard production systems. With offices in North America, Europe and South America, Gyptech has been responsible for supplying the equipment for the majority of new wallboard production volumes over the last decade. For more information, please visit:


In October 2015, Wynnchurch Capital completed a growth investment in Gyptech alongside management and employees. Wynnchurch is partnering with management to strategically grow the business on a global scale.


Gyptech was an opportunity for Wynnchurch to acquire a global market leader and continue its presence in the building products space. Gyptech’s unrivaled commitment to customer service, engineering support and thought leadership in the industry has established them as the preferred supplier for wallboard plant equipment and systems. The company is well-positioned in the industry for global expansion tied to housing growth and gypsum wallboard adoption.


Wynnchurch and Gyptech will build on the Company’s proven commitment to high quality products, innovation and superior customer service to capitalize on growth in the industry by pursuing organic and strategic add-ons across the product portfolio.

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