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Burtek Enterprises, Inc.

Burtek Enterprises, Inc.

Military vehicles, radar and other defense systems.

Deal Team

Erin L. Murphy


Burtek Enterprises, Inc. ("Burtek") is a market leader in the design, production, testing and integration of complex systems and applications for mobile military ground vehicles, radar platforms and other defense systems for the Department of Defense and leading prime contractors.


Burtek was owned by a foreign parent company which had incurred significant debts as a result of numerous acquisitions. As a result, the overleveraged parent stripped cash from its subsidiaries, including Burtek, which led to Burtek’s lenders forcing an involuntary bankruptcy of the Company. Wynnchurch identified Burtek as a strategic asset and acquired it in receivership in October 2011.


Burtek presented a unique opportunity to acquire a technology leader in the fabrication of radar platforms at an extremely attractive valuation and with substantial capacity to grow.


Wynnchurch is working with management to ensure that Burtek emerges from receivership stronger and healthier than ever.  The team will continue to pursue growth in existing and new platforms, as well as through new product lines and add-on acquisitions.

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