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Our Approach

Wynnchurch Capital is a leading solutions-oriented investor in fundamentally well-positioned companies that are undergoing change. Key factors that separate us from others in our industry include:

  • Proven Performance. Even in a challenging economy, we’ve maintained a solid track record, helping companies and investors achieve their strategic goals and maximize returns
  • Management Autonomy. Rather than “taking over the company,” we let ownership retain control, as long as sound judgment is in place
  • Flexible Communication. We’ll keep in touch the way you prefer—expect proactive, consistent, frank dialogue about funds, performance and other issues
  • Easy Accessibility. Unlike larger firms, we won’t give you the run-around—when you need answers, Wynnchurch responds promptly
  • Genuine Interest. More than just a capital resource, we become deeply involved in understanding each business to develop strategies that will result in successful performance improvement and financial returns

Our investment philosophy emphasizes revenue growth and profit improvement through:

Value Creation:

Target established market leaders with sustainable competitive advantages and high customer loyalty

  • Understand and support real performance improvement
  • Returns come from growth and earnings; identify new market opportunities and provide capital to pursue them through organic growth and strategic acquisitions

Partnership With Management:

  • Capitalize on a company’s strengths and opportunities
  • Inspire managers and employees; align interests by sharing ownership
  • Provide a network of operational and financial resources
  • Wynnchurch principals invest personal assets in every transaction

Long-Term Focus:

  • Encourage strategic goal deployment and performance improvement
  • Active investors, not operators; board level involvement
  • Use debt prudently
  • Wynnchurch involvement typically spans five to seven years

Guiding Principles:

  • Consistent and dependable investor
  • Establish clear and agreed-upon expectations and strategy
  • Tie operational initiatives and allocate resources consistent with strategy
  • Dedicated to efficient and consistent metric-based reporting processes
  • Support constant learning and development
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